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DECO RIDES in Miniature!

Mattell introduced a 1/18 scale HOT WHEELS "SCRAPE" Zephyr and it has been as much of a sensation in the die cast world as the real car was in the big car arena. The initial production run of 60,000 units painted purple quickly sold out. Mattel subsequently presented three more variations, an all candy red version, a red car with yellow flames and a black car with flames. They may be working on their 5th paint scheme for another release, which could be a record for HOT WHEELS. The purple "SCRAPE" HOT WHEELS is now a collectible and is selling at surprising prices on e-bay. At a HOT WHEELS Convention in CA several years back, a flame painted blue Zephyr die cast sold for (then) a record $3,000!

The beauty of the SCRAPE design is that you can do so many permutations and combinations based on the car. Two incredibly talented die cast customizers from CA, miniature metal man Jerry Chewning and amazing painter Dave Chang have been spitting out eye-popping Zephyr variations. These include cool coupes, fastbacks, sedan deliveries, pickups and even a wrecker. A few are presented here for your amazement.

Incidentally, I've done a lot of wild and crazy things in my life, but the one thing that impressed my son and daughter more than anything else was when they could go down to the K-Mart (or wherever) and buy a HOT WHEELS copy of dad's car!