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History - Part 1

In 1990 Terry Cook bought a postcard of an 810 Cord at the Auburn-Cord-Duesie Museum in Indiana, took it home and chopped it and dropped it with an X-acto knife and Scotch tape. Together, with influence from the work of Joseph Figoni of Paris, it inspired him to buy a '41 Hupp Skylark. That was the seed that blossomed to become DECO RIDES.

Today DECO RIDES offers fiberglass kit cars and turnkey Zephyr coupes, convertibles, fastbacks, and is working on sedan delivery bodies. We also manufacture kit car and turnkey Boattail Speedsters. Other projects under construction include a Maharaja Duesie, three V-8 and V-12 boattails, a motorcycle carrying sedan delivery, and a pair of V-12 powered, aluminum bodied, modern day clones of the Figoni & Falaschi Type 165 1939 Delahaye and the Van Vooren Shah of Persia 1939 Bugatti. We hope you take the time to visit our site, enjoy it, and come back again to check on our progress. We're busy just following our dream. -- Terry Cook